Best Practices Analysis and Assessment

Your next project(s) should build on the experience of past projects. Often the level of detail and the expertise required to gather this experience exceeds the normal availability of staff.  Petro Water Technology provides a specialized service to gather field data and experience, taking into account the five key variables in any water treating system:

  • oil, water, gas characterization, chemistry, properties: throughout the system
  • equipment: size, configuration, model types
  • process line-up, recycle loops, valves, pumps
  • production chemistry: chemical type, injection rate, location, effectiveness
  • operating practices: day-to-day and crew-to-crew operating practices, monitoring data quality, adequacy, capture of upsets, etc..

Relevant data are gathered in these five areas. The system(s) is analysed and an understanding obtained. Best practices are extracted. Improvement recommendations are made. Comparison with  analogue database provides a correlation between fluid characteristics and key system characteristics and an analogue type is assigned for your system(s). Key design decisions are extracted for use in future projects.