Offshore Water Flood Design

The design of offshore water flood systems is complex. Petro Water Technology has decades of experience and deep expertise with both onshore water treating and offshore water treating including important areas such as:

  • verification of TSS specifications: database of offshore practices
  • filtration to required specifications: equipment selection, system integration
  • mechanical and chemical deoxygenation: equipment selection, operability, reliability
  • chemical treating: for residual oxygen, biological control, scale inhibition
  • system hydraulics: equipment integration, transient analysis
  • process optimization: weight, space and operability optimization
  • process integration: determining the optimal process line-up for materials selection, and corrosion and biological control
  • monitoring: surveillance plan, procedures, KPI, monitoring response
  • operating practices: value assessment and staff time optimization
  • uptime optimization: based on field data and operating experience

If membranes are part of the design (UF, NF, dearation), Petro Water Technology can provide unrivalled capability based on both offshore and onshore experience with membrane systems. Areas of capability include process design, chemical treating, biological control, and monitoring.